Lad plays ‘The Sound Of Silence’ using nothing but hand farts

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The clip below has been around for three years but I’ve seen it for the first time tonight and feel a need to share it. It’s the best hand-farting I’ve ever heard:

Bravo HandFartMaster!

Brilliant mailer from Run The Jewels

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Earlier today I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Jaime and Mike (aka El-P and Killer Mike) at Run The Jewels. Usually mailers from acts and record labels are drier than a cracker in a sandpit but this one was joyous. It’s not every day you get offered the chance to hire your favourite rap duo as private detectives, Gordon Ramsey imitators or pay them off and force them into retirement.

They also started the email with an explanation as to why they asked fans for their emails in exchange for a free download of their last album, “Truth be told our intention was to mercilessly sell your email information to literally anyone who would pay in a desperate attempt to raise enough money to buy 2 giant 36″, 14 K yellow-gold dookie rope chains or 4 bit coins. While we still yearn for those, we (regrettably) forgot to do the whole “betraying your privacy” thing, mostly due to the amount of marijuana we smoke on a daily basis. In fact, we completely forgot we even had these emails until yesterday. Shit happens.”

It’s an open and honest start. The duo go on to thank fans for their support and confirm that their second album, RTJ2 is due for release on the 27th October – and that it’s going to be FREE again.

The highlight of the mailer though was the list of ‘BONU$ PACKAGES‘ the duo are offering fans. Check them out below and pick your favourite:









The duo have also streamed a second track from their forthcoming album. Check out, Oh My Darling Don’t Cry below:

Hail Mary Mallon – Jonathan – new video

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Hail Mary Mallon, the hip-hop trio consisting of Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, and DJ Big Wiz have their second album out in a couple of months and a new track, Jonathan has surfaced this week. Some cracking lyrics from Aesop Rock as usual…

Bestiary is due out the 11th November on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Sinkane – How We Be – new video

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Sinkane’s new album Mean Love is out now.

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz – Where No Eagles Fly – new video

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Ty Segall – Manipulator – new video

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Listen to the first new Aphex Twin tune in 13 years

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Aphex Twin‘s first new album in 13 years, Syro is out in a fortnight. Here’s the first tune to see the light of day from it (and it’s a cracker) – Ladies and Gentlemen here’s the catchily titled, minipops 67 (120.2)(source field mix) :


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