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David Bowie as an ostrich

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David Bowie ostrich

Astro Beefheart

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Astro Beefheart


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Rare Abraham Lincoln factoid

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abraham lincoln cartoon

Jean – doodle

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Cock or sack?

Teeth – doodle

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He-Man and Man-At-Arms enjoy The Masters

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Maybe it’s a Masters Of The Universe vs The Masters golf-mash-up. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence…

The delightful image above was designed by Fabian Ciraolo. Check out more of his work here.

Is a Zoolander sequel and/or animated web series imminent?

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Back in late 2010, rumours surfaced regarding a possible Zoolander animation being in the works. Since then things seemed to have gone a bit quiet.

Just yesterday though, Ben Stiller tweeted that an animated web series was being now considered – along with link to a cartoon still (left).

Whether this means it’s only going to be released online is seemingly unknown at the moment – although one hopes that’ll change, once Stiller lets a bit more info slip.

As for a sequel to the succesful and chucklesome Zoolander film, Stiller confirmed way back in Spring 2010 that his production company were, “…in the process of getting a script written. It’s in the early stages, but it’s gonna happen. We’ve been trying for years to… figure it out. It’ll have input from all the… ‘Zoolander’ people. It’s just… taken awhile.”

So is 2012 the year the sequel finally drops? Who knows, but as a shooting schedule isn’t in place it looks unlikely. The good news however, is that a script has now been completed with Stiller’s Tropic Thunder co-writer Justin Theroux, and Stiller is clearly still intent on reviving the character.

Here’s hoping we all hear something more concrete in 2012.

Tyler, the Creator gets animated

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Earlier this week, over Stateside on the Cartoon Network, hip-hop man of the moment, Tyler, The Creator made a guest appearance on the series, The Regular Show.

Filthy language and debauchery aside, there’s always been something of a cartoon element to the violently vivid tunes released by Tyler’s crew, Odd Future now Tyler has literally been transmogrified into a cartoon character.

Speaking to fans on his Twitter feed, the rapper said of his guest appearance,  “THAT WAS AWKWARD RAPPING WITH OUT SAYING FUCK”.

Potty mouthed rappers cleaning it up and appearing on kids shows? Looks like we’re already living in an ‘odd future’ (sorry – I couldn’t resist).

Watch one of Tyler, the Creator & Childish Gambino‘s cartoon rap battles below:

The Big Lebowski meets Sesame Street

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Ever wondered what the cast of The Big Lebowski might look like if they were played by characters from Sesame Street? Probably not. But here’s a rough idea anyway, courtesy of the Super Comics Adventure Squad:

The Super Comics Adventure Squad are a group of comic creators, writers and artists who are involved in The Phoenix (launching Jan 2012) and its predecessor, The DFC, the innovative British weekly comic published by David Fickling Books.

Check out their blog here.


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