The Boys – new trailer

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Following last week’s news that Preacher would end following the summer release of Season 4, three of the show’s writers Garth Ennis, Evan Goldberg and (the ever funny) Seth Rogen have teamed up for a new adaptation of Ennis‘ comic book, The Boys.

The comic book follows the lives of a bunch of wayward superheroes, which as we all know is being done to death at the moment. But The Boys seems to have a bit more of an edge to it and if it’s anything like the mind-bogglingly ridiculous but immensely entertaining, Preacher, we’re in for a treat.

Over the past few years comic adaptations have been desperately seeking that magic blend of CGI wizardry, original story telling and comedic interludes. Some have succeeded far better than others. Preacher, the two Deadpool films (particularly the first), (most of) Taika Waititi‘s Thor: Ragnarok film, The Guardians of the Galaxy films and (most of) Legion, are all high points for me. Movies and TV shows where the new holy trinity of CGI, storytelling and comedy shine brightest.

I’ve enjoyed recent TV adaptations of The Umbrella Academy, (the still running) Happy and Doom Patrol, but all three shows stumble in different ways when it comes the the comedic elements. Chunks of The Umbrella Academy came off a little too emo and flat at times, Happy is a little too try hard and heavy handed and Doom Patrol, as entertaining as it is, seems all over the place at times.

The Boys debuts this July on Amazon Prime Video – check out the trailer below:

Five great new tunes

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We’re almost a third of the way through the year and I reckon we’re already looking at 2019 as being one of the most diverse and exciting years for music this century (bold I know).

We’ve had well known artists and bands like, White Denim, The Chemical Brothers, Stephen Malkmus, The Cinematic Orchestra, Vampire Weekend, Guided By Voices, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Fat White Family, Ibibio Sound Machine, Idlewild, Steve Mason, C Duncan, Andrew Bird, Cass McCombs, Schlohmo, Pye Corner Audio, The Comet Is Coming, Sharon Von Etten, James Blake and Deerhunter,all dropping fine albums. That’s a cracking musical smorgasbord by anyone standards.

New acts continue to pop up and excite me too. Acts like, Squid, FACS, Callum Easter, Lifafa, Crumb, Joshua Woolf, Pan Amsterdam, Kip LaVie, Pet Shimmers, Obongjayar, SWJ Group, Dead Captain, Haze, Weval and The Murder Capital. Acts that mop up everything from post punk and afro beat to slacker rock and hip hop. You really should check them all out if you like a nice medley of musical genres.

The coming months also promise us a slew of new albums from Slacker Shack favourites like, Big Thief, Beck, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, A Certain Ratio, Amon Tobin, Clinic, Fujiya & Miyagi, Mac DeMarco, The Black Keys, Teenage Fanclub, slowthai and Pharoahe Monch. My ear wax is bubbling at just the thought of it all!

Check out five awesome new tunes below – there’s a minature kaleidoscope of offerings that you’d be frighteningly foolish not to enjoy…

Clinic – Laughing Cavalier

The return of the Scouse, medical masked psychonauts with added David Bowie Laughing Gnome‘ vibes

Beck – Saw Lightning

Following on from the rather poppy and heavily produced, Colors, Beck teams up with Pharrell Williams to create something excitedly funky and Odelay-esque

Courtney Barnett – Everybody Here Hates You

Delightfully snidey slacker rock from the ever brilliant Courtney

Four Tet – Teenage Birdsong

Gorgeous late night bleeps n’ beats brilliance that has an ever so slightly 21st century Tony Hart’s Gallery Theme Tune vibe about it (but that could just be me)

Wilma Vritra – Shallow Grave

Gently funky hip-hop tune with jazzy carnival-esque psychedelics

Skin – new trailer

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Looks like Billy Elliott‘s had a messed up few years since the ballet career went pear shaped…

Check out the trailer for the new film starring Jamie Bell, Danielle McDonald, Bill Camp, Mike Colter and Vera Famiga, ‘Skin‘. The film has a clear debt to films like American History X and Romper Stomper, and looks at the life of a destitute young skinhead raised by white supremacists who turns his back on hatred in the hope he can transform his life and find repentence:

Flying Lotus and David Lynch collaborate on new tune and video

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Spotted this little beauty today – a new collaboration between Flying Lotus and everyone’s favourite movie oddball, David Lynch. It’s more of an interlude than a tune if the truth be told but the video below is a real treat nonetheless.

Looking for a music video with a dog puppet that contains David Lynch‘s head reciting dialogue in it? Here it is… ‘Fire Is Coming‘:

Great new music – Kip LaVie

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I first came across the music of Portland based producer and composer, Kip LaVie, via a Spotify recommendation earlier this week. I’d put a late night chillout playlist together and a track from his brilliant new album, This Creator popped up.

The first track I heard, Time Enough instantly grabbed me. It mixes up passages of traditional Asian instrumentation with the kind of gurgles, bleeps and beats you’d find on a new Warp Records release, or even something from Stones Throw.

The rest of the album is an absolute treat too, slipping with ease between sublime jazzy hooks, electronic soundscapes, instrumental hip-hop, contorted vocal samples and ambient loops. It’s perfect late night fodder.

This Creator is Kip‘s debut album and it first started taking shape back in 2016 as a grouping of fairly ‘straight-ahead’ jazz tunes. As the songs began to develop, so did the depth of his sonic palette and the growing influence of artists like Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Emancipator and Four Tet. The loose aim of the album was to create something that maintains an ‘experimental edge‘ throughout, but holds beauty and a desire to create ‘a little bit of heaven on earth‘ at it’s core.

Check out the tune that first tickled my fancy below, followed by a Spotify stream of This Creator:

Dead Captain – Carte Blanche – new tune

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Dead Captain - Carte Blanche - cover art with text 3 - shrunk

Tameside’s prog-loving, alt-rock fondling slack-meisters, Dead Captain are back with a new tune.

In under three minutes, Carte Blanche struts and growls about like the bastard spawn of some dusty 1970’s rock orgy in a brutalist Northern tower block. The lyrics seem to target the privileged evil of trophy hunters, billionaires and hate mongers and the repeated line, “and you come alive when you see the light pouring out their eyes“, is a delightful gut punch.

The cover artwork comes courtesy of Dunstan Doodles.

Check out, Carte Blanche below via YouTube:

Or stream it via Spotify:


Crumb – Nina – new video

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Delightfully woozy…