Liars – Murdrum – new video

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Great new music… Marc Rebillet

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Even in 2018 there are still some people who think music and comedy shouldn’t mix. It’s always nonplussed me. I wonder if these people have ever heard the likes of Frank Zappa, Ween, Primus or Tenacious D. Have they never chuckled to the skits on De La Soul‘s 3 Feet High & Rising? Have they never watched Flight of The Conchords, Spinal Tap or The Rutles? Do people who haven’t sung along to Monty Python songs really exist?

Done well there are few things better than a bit of top notch musical parody or a full blow comedy song. So, earlier this month when I stumbled across Marc Rebillet (aka Loop Daddy) on Facebook, my ears instantly zoned in and the titters followed.

So what’s he like? Well, imagine all of these things brought together in a strange comedy laboratory – Napolean Dynamite’s brother Kip, Reggie Watts, FOTC’s ‘Too Many Dicks On The Dancefloor‘, Wes Anderson, the funny bits from American Psycho – monkey about with strands of their DNA a bit, and voila, Loop Daddy.

Rebillet is described by one of his close friends as, “an artist, actor, musician, composer, humorist, philosopher and phone psychotherapist who explores the realms of the looping art through such mainstream themes as rape, buttholes, and herpes”. Dallas born his tunes revolve around his trusty BOSS RC-505 loop station, his keyboard and his mac book.

There are loads of videos of him on YouTube performing live versions (or Idealogues) of his seemingly improvised songs at home but it was initially a live show he did in a Dallas brewery that grabbed my attention. I’ll post a video of the show below, so you can see how funny, madcapped and odd it was. He’s touring all over America at the moment and is coming over to Europe early next year (check out his site for details) and I’m keeping my testicles crossed that he’ll be playing somewhere in the North of England (preferably Manchester).

Check out some of Marc‘s tunes below and get giggling before he gets all super famous and stuff…

And now that live show I was on about…

Great new music… Cosmo Sheldrake

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On first hearing his name you might think he’s some kind of Jim Carrey-esque stand up comedian with a penchant for wacky props, but singer-songwriter (composer, producer) Cosmo Sheldrake has released some of this years stand out alt-folk singles, and one of my favourite albums, The Much Much How How and I.

There’s an air of playfulness and nonsense in Sheldrake‘s music that reminds me of Kevin Ayers and Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd.  Check out some of his tunes below:

Classic 1960’s music concert posters

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I’m a huge fan of classic music concert posters. The kind of work artists like Wes Wilson, Gunther Kieser, Rick Griffin and David Byrd were producing in the 60’s and 70’s. I have a few boards on Pinterest dedicated to iconic music art and photography. Here are four of my recent favourite finds (the first three are all Wes Wilson designs, the last is a Gunther Kieser)..

Poster bill graham

Muddy - wes wilson

Howlin' Wolf - wes wilson

JohnMayall gunther kieser

Great new music… Flying Horseman

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Flying Horseman is the brainchild of Bert Dockx and his band’s latest album, Rooms / Ruins, is one of 2018’s highlights.

I came late to the party and only discovered the band via Spotify a couple of months ago. Ask me to name some other Belgian bands and I’d ignorantly probably just come back with dEUS and The Radios, but the Antwerp music scene has been thriving for decades and Flying Horseman are leading the pack.

Rooms / Ruins is a charmingly tricky album to pin down as it slinks across a number of genres and styles. Tracks like The Key, Reverie and Bee Season have a proggy-folk air to them, all gently hypnotic melodies, percussive shuffles and ambient tickles. Fever Room struts it’s angular post-punk stylings like a funky Television / XTC hybrid. Stars even has a poppy feel to it before it cascades into a wild, Faust-esque meltdown at the end. Then there’s Private Isle and (my favourite) Deep Earth, both of which contort into slick krautrock-esque motorik grooves half way through and shape-shift effortlessly.

There’s a beautifully expansive and playful air breezing throughout the album. Some of the proggier sections made me think of some of Pink Floyd‘s early 70’s albums like Meddle and Obscured by Clouds, and some of the wiggier moments made me recall, Can. Vocally there’s airs of Jeff Buckley less operatic moments and Conor O’Brien from Villagers, and lyrically there’s a real sense of poetic intrigue and psychedelic story telling.

Rooms / Ruins is a hidden gem and definitely worth investing some time in if you like the more melodic moments of prog and psychedelia but are a bit of a folkie at heart. In fact, the whole five album back catalogue is well worth a listen from start to finish and the band are one of my favourite finds of the year.

Great new music… Casey Malanuk

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I stumbled across Casey Malanuk via a Spotify recommendation earlier in the year. The first tune of his I heard was, Camaraderie, the opening track from one of three studio albums he’s released this year, Short Film Season. Powered by ethereal oohs and ahhs, chugging guitars and some great spoken word samples, it reminded me of a mix of Chad VanGaalen, early Department Of Eagles and Public Service Broadcasting.

The track was interesting and catchy enough to prompt me to delve a little deeper. There’s not a lot of info about Casey online but I did discover he’s from Charleston, South Carolina and is now based in Los Angeles studying at the Musicans Institute in Hollywood (he’s only 18!). He’s released three albums this year, Casey, the aforementioned, Short Film Season and Hello & Goodbye.

There’s a glorious air of experimentation in his songs as well as a great ear for (often unusual) little hooks, and all three albums have their moments. Hello & Goodbye, a collaboration with Brendan Fitzpatrick is particularly impressive though. At it’s best there’s little nods to artists like Car Seat Headrest, Beck and Jack White, and even at just 7 tracks and 14 minutes long it’s up there as one of the best collections of songs I’ve heard this year.

All three albums have a sketchbook-like air to them, which makes sense when you consider he’s only 18 and has released three albums in a year, but his potential is staggering. It’s exciting to think what he’s capable of next.


Manchester art auction to help the homeless

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There’s a Manchester art auction that’s on for just two more days. It’s raising funds to help the homeless in the city and all the proceeds go to the mayor, Andy Burnham’s Homelessness Fund.

There’s lot of cracking art from artists from across the Greater Manchester region and it’s all for a great cause.

You can check out the auction and the art that’s available to bid on here.