The Ultimate Slacker Rock Playlist

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Way back in the summer of 2011 I compiled a list of the Top Ten Slacker Rock Acts of all Time. I was going through a lengthy phase of revisiting albums by the likes of Pavement, Guided by Voices, Grandaddy, Beck and Modest Mouse at the time and wanted to log something (I thought) was definitive. I made a couple of errors (leaving out The Breeders was a mistake) but visitors to the blog seemed to pretty much agree with my choices.

Just under four years later (this blog’s called ‘Slacker Shack‘ for a reason!) I followed that particular blog up with another detailing my choices for a Top Ten new ‘Slacker Rock’ acts. 2015 heralded a definite rise in bands and acts who cherished classic slacker rock albums like Pavement‘s ‘Slanted & Enchanted‘, GBV‘s ‘Bee Thousand‘ and ‘Alien Lanes‘ and Dinosaur Jnr’s ‘Where You Been‘. Acts like Yuck, Mac DeMarco and Courtney Barnett all conjured up echoes of those glorious 90’s acts, so the new list seemed to make sense.

In 2017 I’d argue the slacker rock genre is as healthy as it’s ever been. In just the last two or three years I’ve stumbled across acts like Kurt Vile, LVL UP, Carseat Headrest, Parquet Courts, Ought, Twin Peaks and Radstewart. All unique and different but all containing a whiff of that slack eyed, loose limbed obtuseness I’ve loved for nearly three decades now.

Anyway, I’ve decided to celebrate this reminiscence by sharing a Slacker Rock Spotify playlist I’ve compiled. It contains 50 top notch slacker rock tunes from over the years and if I do say so myself it’s an absolutely belting listen:

What’s on Lisa Simpson’s bookshelf?

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The internet’s at it’s best when it’s daft and random and the following Instagram account has it’s feet firmly planted in both camps. It answers a question you may never have asked but may be glad you got an answer for anyway, namely – is there a place you can find a visual log of all the books Lisa Simpson has ever bought, read, carried, flicked through, handled or been vaguely associated with somehow on The Simpsons?

Well the answer is yes and the place to head is the Simpsons Library account on Instagram. Pitched simply it’s ‘Lisa’s Bookshelf’ and it’s very tittersome.

LS book

Dead Captain – The Fear – new video

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Dead Captain - The Fear - shrunk1

Tameside duo, Dead Captain released a Halloween themed tune earlier on today.

The Fear‘ is a spooky bit of garage rock from the duo and can be downloaded or streamed for free here.

They’ve also released a new lo-fi video to go with it – check iot out below:

The Cornelius Crane – Isobella – new video

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Another lovely tune from the Tameside crew…

Film & TV icons ART SALE

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Over on the Dunstan Doodles website right now there’s a 25% discount on all Film and TV icons art prints.

There are around fifteen limited edition prints to choose from, including, The Big Lebowski, David Lynch, Stranger Things, Michael Caine and much more.

Check out the sale here.


The Breeders – Wait In The Car – new video

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Jonathan Bree – You’re So Cool – new video

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