Morgan Delt – Some Sunsick Day – new video

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I’m probably paraphrasing but I vaguely remember reading a review of the Beastie BoysPaul’s Boutique many years ago that described the album as sounding like it had been recorded at the bottom of a toaster (I’m presuming ‘in a good way’, as I absolutely love it). Sub Pop psychonaught, Morgan Delt‘s latest album, Phase Zero, sounds like it was recorded in the basement of a wonky aquarium. It’s packed with hypnotic, bubbling melodies, floaty vocals that drop in and out of the mix and psychedelic freckles of hazy hookiness. It’s one of my favourite LP’s of 2016.

Check out the video for the latest single, Some Sunsick Day below:

Gruff Rhys – Atom Bomb – new video

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Atom Bomb is taken from Gruff Rhys‘s new soundtrack for Set Fire To The Stars, a film directed by Andy Goddard, charting the poet Dylan Thomas’ first week in the USA in 1950 and his uneven friendship with fellow poet (and agent of sorts), John Malcolm Brinnin.

Check out the video below:

DJ Woody releases debut solo album

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If the idea of ‘your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ‘ intrigues you and you value the opinions of turntablism icons like Mixmaster Mike, DJ Qbert and Hudson Mohawke, you really ought to check out DJ Woody‘s debut solo album, The Point Of Contact.

Check out this tasty little album sampler for starters:

The Point Of Contact‘ is described as, ” hand crafted electronic music born from a collection of disparate dusty vinyl samples, reinterpreted by a cast of Manchester’s finest musicians“. With fingers deep in the pies of hip-hop, jazz-rock, brit-rap and electro DJ Woody jokingly refers to his style as ‘Prog-Hop’ and the album features, Matthew Halsall, Christian Madden (The Earlies) and members of 808 State and GoGo Penguin. It’s a reet treat…

Here’s a link to the album, have a listen and grab a copy for a very reasonable £7.

Neil Young portrait

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Here’s a new portrait I’ve recently finished. It’s A2 in size and prints are available on request (just leave a message below). I wanted to put a young Neil Young alongside a old Neil Young and this seemed like a nice simple idea…


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Iron Lady & The Trump

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Take a peek a commission piece I recently finished called, ‘Iron Lady & The Trump‘. Mildly terrifying and wrong, but a joy to do. A2 prints available on request.


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Bon Iver – 33 GOD – new (lyric) video

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Bon Iver are back and they’ve gone all futuristic (n’ shit). High pitched robot gurgles? Check. Swirling synth wobbles? Check. R&B aliens moaning stuff from time to time? Check. But it’s Bon Iver and it all works.

It’s basically Bon Iver of old with extra splashes of one of Justin Vernon‘s other “side projects”, Volcano Choir (and dare I say it, Kanye – shhhhh). Check out 33 GOD below and see what you think:

33 GOD is taken from the band’s forthcoming record 22, A Million, which is due to be released 30 September.

Soft Hair – Lying Has To Stop – new video

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Sometimes I see a music video and wonder what Beavis & Butthead would make of it. This is one of those videos…