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Secret Serpents – the perfect poster shop?

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A music poster site with 22 Pavement posters on it, you say? Silk screened, you say? Bloody loves ’em, you say?

I think I may have found one of my favourite poster sites ever in Secret Serpents.

The site features a whole heap of amazing poster artists, including Lil Tuffy, Alan Forbes, Junko Mizuno, Chuck Sperry and many more.

Check out the site here.

Big Lebowski bowling pins

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George Lucas (stormtrooper lawsuits aside) is the king of movie merchandise, but even he would salute the genius behind the idea of Big Lebowski bowling pins.

Ok, so they’re hardly the most accurate looking things ever – but check out how cool they are!

The pins were designed in 2009 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the movie and were displayed at Lebowski Fest that year.

All the pins were all designed and made by 30 year old Texan artist, Dax Norman (visit his website here), and resemble numerous characters from the movie, including amongst others, The Dude, Maude, Walter, Bunny, Donny,  Jackie Treehorn, and Jesus.

The bad news is that I’m pretty sure they can’t be bought. So soak them up, fellow slackers – this photo will be the closest you’ll probably ever get.

Josh Brolin onboard for Oldboy re-hash

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Early last month Slacker Shack reported on the odd and rather needless news that Spike Lee had been chosen to direct an American remake of Park Chan-wook’s Korean classic, Oldboy.

Well, much as I’d hoped that it was just a misguided notion that may simply fade away, it seems the rumour is set to become a reality. And the reality is taking shape.

For news reaches the Shack that, Josh Brolin has signed up to play the lead role – and Christian Bale is rumoured to be close to coming onboard as the film’s villain. The film is set to start filming in March 2012.
It’s already starting to sound a far cry from the original DreamWorks plan to bag the remake rights back in 2008. They had Steven Spielberg set to direct and Will Smith starring. Which, lets face it, sounds like a complete afterbirth of an idea.

I still can’t see it being anything other than pointless exercise in regurgitation though.



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Tim Key on Amnesty TV

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Here’s a serving of Tim Key’s beautifully naive and funny slacker poetry from Amnesty TV:

New Discovery – Fair Ohs

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Kind of like Vampire Weekend meets The Olivia Tremor Control. Check out their ‘Fatman and Slobbin’ themed video for single, Everything Is Dancing below:

Check their blog out here.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – new glow-fi-slacker-pop brilliance

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Ever wondered what might happen if you mixed up the musical genes of the Elephant 6 collective, Beck, The Monks, early solo McCartney and mid-period Ween, created a single human clone, sent him to a bedroom studio in New Zealand and told him to soundtrack his life?

To be fair, the answer’s probably, ‘no’ – but it sounds like quite an interesting prospect doesn’t it?

Alongside recent chill-wave (or glo-fi) pioneers like Ariel Pink, Ducktails, Washed Out, Memory Tapes and Neon Indian, New Zealand native, Rubin Neilson, aka Unknown Mortal Orchestra, creates lo-fi, retro-futurist bedroom pop – and it’s fucking good stuff.

According to his (or ‘their’ – Unknown Mortal Orchestra includes Jake Portrait on bass and Julien Enrlich on drums when they play live) press, the UMO project was conceived as,”an escape hatch to a new musical dimension where his (Neilson’s) vision of junkyard record-collector pop could be realised in a sound that recalled Captain Beefheart, Sly Stone and RZA jamming on some kids’ TV theme too dark to ever be broadcast”. Niiiice.

Their eponymous debut album was released last month and Roots’ drummer Questlove and Def Jux hip-hop maestro, El-P are early fans of it’s lo-fi poppy oddness.

Buy it here and soak up it’s fuzzy peculiarities.

And check them out, performing the awesome, Ffunny Ffrends, below: