Helen Mirren dismisses calls for her to quit Phil Spector biopic

Helen Mirren – now there’s a ballsy lass with talent to spare. Is there an actress, dare I say it, in her ‘later’ years, as talented, versatile, hard-working and gorgeous as her?

Don’t bother having a think about that one – the answer’s, no.

Anyway, the lovely Dame Helen (aka Queeny) is having to battle a new kind of challenge with her latest role.

After coming under serious pressure from campaigners Friends Of Lana Clarkson, Helen Mirren is refusing to drop out of a biopic about Phil Spector despite calls for her to quit.

The biopic is David Mamet’s latest project and is being produced by HBO. It also stars Al Pacino in the lead role.

In it the makers aim to explore the relationship between Spector and his defence lawyer Linda Baden, played by Mirren.

Campaign group, Friends Of Lana Clarkson, claim that the film will portray Spector in a positive light and have said there will be “serious consequences” if Mirren doesn’t drop out.

Spector was given a 19-years-to-life sentence in May 2009 for the murder of B-movie actress, Clarkson.

At Slacker Shack we applaud Mirren’sballs’. Creativity and art shouldn’t be dictated to by campaign groups, of any nature. For starters, Pacino and Mirren are seasoned, intelligent and wise actors and there’s little chance either would agree to star in a film based on non-truths and/or explotation. Secondly, the Friends of Lana Clarkson, are clearly basing their campaign on tittle-tattle and rumour. How could they fully know the angles and directions the film is taking?

High horse dismounts needed.

HELEN MIRREN UPDATE…and now she’s swearing at Drummers dressed as the Queen.

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