Aaron Neville’s face tattoo

Amazingly he’s had the tattoo since he was 16 years old, but having not seen any really decent quality footage (or non-airbrushed photos) of soul legend, Aaron Neville before, I was shocked to see his ‘what were you thinking?’ face tattoo on Later With Jools Holland this week.

It’s not quite up there with Gucci Mane’s truly hideous ice cream cone face tattoo (check it out here) but still…

And whilst it looks like a crucifix, it’s actually a sword. “Why?” You may ask. And ask you may, but you won’t get a decent answer. “For no reason” he’s been reported as saying.

Oh well. it’s his face. Here he is doing what he does best:

13 Responses to “Aaron Neville’s face tattoo”

  1. aaron you are beautiful and so is your music


  2. Who the made you the God end all be all of music critics? You don’t even know how to blow your nose! Stick to something you know like blowing it out your behind!


    • Haha – brilliant. Firstly, I don’t claim to be a music critic – I’m just a blogger writing about stuff. Secondly, if you’re going to leave a comment slating me, maybe you should proofread it first.


      • I don’t think you were critiquing his music anyway. I think you were critiquing his awful tattoo. And I don’t think you need to attend any special school or anything to do that. I’d say you were spot on, if not kind. That thing is a shit sandwich.


      • Haha – thanks Ben!


  3. conny linger Says:

    You critics are all so perfect, by the way have you produced any all time classics ? ever , oH,, And- PrOOF reDD, bloW this sucKr.


    • None of us are perfect and I certainly dont pertain to be. I can however write anything i want and comment on a tattoo if i wish to (as can you). Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Chunaski Gomez Says:

    Granted, you can criticize anything you want. But, do you do it here simply because you can? If that’s the case, then that’s just being egotistical. It seems that you’re only point is that his tattoo is shit. OK, that’s fine too, but then that makes it simply derogatory… and that’s fine, too. However, don’t you aspire to something more meaningful? Yes, I agree; freedom is paramount, but liberty to just be insulting SEEMS like shit to me. I agree that there is a story behind the tattoo and Neville’s saying “for no reason” leaves me curious for more. Nevertheless, being a jerk just because YOU can, leaves me curious for me. What’s your story?


    • I wrote about the tattoo as firstly, it seemed a strange choice on Aaron Neville’s part, secondly, it’s vaguely intriguing and thirdly, it seemed that a lot of people were interested as to why he’d had it done. It’s a terrible tattoo but my post is no comment on Aaron Neville’s often excellent back catalogue or a scathing attack on him as a man. I like him. I just think it’s a terrible tattoo and struck me as something worth writing (albeit briefly) about (which it has been as it’s been viewed thousands of times). I don’t believe freedom of speech is just an excuse to be insulting, nor do I feel I’m being a ‘jerk’ for commenting on his tattoo. If I’ve offended anyone that wasn’t my aim. There are other bad tattoos (some on celebrities, some not) I’ve written about, as have many other bloggers. I don’t see the big deal, Chunaski – some of my blogs are more meaningful, many are just me suggesting music, art and films I think are great to readers/visitors, and some are daft little things (like this). Thanks for stopping by.


  5. aaron nevillis the best thing that could have happened to the 60s 70s 80s 90s and now in 2015! long live the king!


  6. I was born in 1942 and I have been watching and listening to you and your terrific music since my teen age years and I just love your voice and everything you sing. I also love your birthmark above your right eye and your face tattoo on your left cheek. These are a part of you and who you are. Don’t let anyone change the great Aaron Neville.


    • Donna, Thank you so much! That mean’s the world to me! I read your comment on my way to the laser tattoo removal clinic. I have decided to keep the tattoo. All thanks to you, Donna! Glad you enjoy my music!


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