Viva Vox Choir cover The Prodigy

This next clip has been causing a bit of a debate in my household this evening. It’s a live a cappella performance by Viva Vox choir from Serbia, recorded last month. And it’s a kind of megamix of some of The Prodigy‘s greatest hits :

Half the room says it’s a shit attempt at being cool by a bunch of straight looking christians. The other half of the room like it because it’s fun. Which camp do you sit in?

5 Responses to “Viva Vox Choir cover The Prodigy”

  1. First of all they don’t look that much like straight forward Christians; the skirts are over the knees 😉 I love The Prodigy and I love good music and this is simply great! I’m a fan! And no it’s not a shit attempt these guys have superclear voices, they don’t miss any notes and it’s like listening to an orchestra.
    (I’m going to Re-Press your blog. I assume that’s ok since you have the “Press this”button visible, if it’s not ok, let me know!)


  2. […] you, for allowing me to Re-press this amazing medley by Serbian Viva Vox Choir of a selection of The […]


  3. Clearly this is fun, how could anyone not find these folks singing “Smack My Bitch Up” and “Firestarter” amusing. Thanks!


  4. Thx dc!

    @ srdjana I read some pretty bad comments from ignorant Dutch. Probably the same ppl that listen to electronic music everyday.


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