DJ Slacker found dead

Celebrated hip-hop and electro DJ / producer Slacker has passed away in his adopted home of Bangkok.

Early reports say the DJ, real name Shem McCauley, died over the weekend. Little more is currently known about how he died.

McCauley was well known across the world for his progressive house releases in the late 90’s and early 00’s, and as DJ Streets Ahead, Shem was one of the pioneers of the UK hip-hop scratch scene, where he played alongside amongst others, Tim Westwood. He also had production credits beside James Brown, Roxanne Shante and Public Enemy and ran and released records on his Jukebox In The Sky imprint, as well as releasing tunes on XL Recordings, Loaded Records, and Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records during his career.

The DJ was also known (at various points) as Head Honcho and Ramp.

In 2010 McCauley relocated from the UK to Thailand, which brought about his reinvention as an ambient/downtempo producer, finally releasing his debut album, Start A New Life the same year.

17 Responses to “DJ Slacker found dead”

  1. Shem. you will be missed but your tracks will live on..Thanks for the memories. Rest In Peace..God is a dj!

  2. Such sad news. I only found out when someone put “RIP” on my YouTube page. The guy was a genius and one of my favourite producers from the 1990s. May his music live on forever!

  3. fasaiand friends Says:

    Shem bye to my teachers, even when you go, but we will never forget you. from your student 1/546 thailand satit patumwan
    we never forget U TToTT

  4. Anyone who puts his passion in Music and works hard deserves to be honored.

  5. R.I.P. Slacker

    John Digweed has made a tribute to Shem McAuley aka Slacker in the 2nd part of his transitions show. It is a 60 minute mix by Slacker from early 2006.

  6. Seriously bummed about this sad news. RIP shem. I’ll continue to love your tunes always.

  7. renevansickle Says:

    R.I.P. My friend. You were a beautiful person & your music shall live on as proof of this.

  8. RIP man, you will be missed so much…..

  9. You’ll never know just how much one mixset you made changed my life. Rest in peace mate.

  10. so sad a real miss to edm

  11. Great musician… R.I.P.

  12. Loss of a Genius, Slacker Remixes meant haunting reconstructions of the originals.. I can’t believe we won’t be treated to anymore works of musical art.. rest well brother…

  13. Listening to Shem’s orignal “freeman” sort of captures the spirit of being on top of the highest mountain top screaming at the top of ya lungs, the feeling of being truly free!!

    He certainly did make some amazing tunes. I’ve heard from friends who knew him well that say he truly was an exceptional human being. Very sad to have lost him but the memory lives on with his music!

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