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Earlier this evening BLKHRTS sent me a link to the awesome new King Foe track, FOE (see last blog). I got in touch with them on Twitter straight away to see if they were up for a quick interview. And lo and behold, like the man from Del Monte they said, ‘yes’.

The Denver trio whose last two EPs, the utterly brilliant BLK S BTFL and #SEXTAPE are available to download over on their website here, are  a brilliantly twisted proposition – “M.O.P meets Morrissey”. Or “Goth-Rap”. And both of those tongue-in-cheek descriptions don’t even scratch the surface.

Anyway, in what I hope may become an occassional feature, I got the chance to ask the trio five quick questions, that all needed five quick answers each. I call it, FIVES – let’s get on with it:

Who are your five biggest influences musically?
“The Smiths, Siouxsie Sioux and The Banshees, E-40, Bauhaus, Scott Walker / The Walker Brothers.”

Who are your five greatest rapper of all time?
“E-40, Ghostface, Brotha Lynch Hung, Scarface, Rakim.”

Name five things or people that shaped you into the men you are today?
“Sex, drugs, violence, money, death.”

What are your five biggest ambitions?
“We refuse to disclose that information.”

What five things would you take on a picnic?
“Money, bitches, drugs, alcohol, food.”

And that’s it. FIVES is done. Big thanks to BLKHRTS for their time.

Check out their website for lots of top quality (and free) hip-hop here (and their facebook site here) – they come highly recommended.

To finish – here’s a clip of the trio performing in the studio early last year:

King F.O.E. (from BLKHRTS) – FOE – new tune

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Here’s a new tune/video from one third of Slacker Shack favourites, BLKHRTS.

FOE displays BLKHRTS usual dark and murky swagger and rumbles along brilliantly – check it out below:

Download FOE at

Reggie Watts – Kinect the Dots – new video

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Here’s a new video/tune from Reggie Watts (Kinect the Dots) – watch him dance with eight 3D echoes of himself:

No chuckles this time just Bobby McFerrin meets D’Angelo stylings…

The Avengers – new poster – new UK film title too

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With just two months to go until the new Avengers movie gets released, the film’s makers have decided to change its name – and release a poster featuring the new title, Avengers Assemble.

The name change has come about after studio bosses became concerned over the possibility of UK audiences confusing the film with the 1960s TV series of the same name and/or it’s awful 1998 movie reboot.

The film, directed by Joss Whedon (and starring Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg and Tom Hiddleston) is out in UK cinemas on the 26th April.

Sufjan Stevens and the hip-hop curveball

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Sufjan Stevens is a bit of an oddball. One minute he’s concocting ear bleeding electronica experimentalist mind-melters, the next he’s wooing us with beautiful folk ballads. But a hip-hop EP? Even that’s a bit of a curveball.

Yes, news hits Slacker Shack HQ that Sufjan has teamed up with Chicago MC Serengeti and Indianapolis rockers Son Lux for a four-track EP, Beak & Claws, on Anticon records.

The collaboration is called s / s / s and new the EP will also include guest spots from My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden and cLOUDDEAD / ThemselvesDoseone.

Beak & Claws will be released on 20th March. Here’s the tracklist:

01 Museum Day
02 Beyond Any Doubt
03 If This Is Real
04 Octomom

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine? – new video

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And if you’re in North America, Arctic Monkeys are touring with The Black Keys from Friday 2nd March – check out where and when they’re playing here.

Bon Iver – Towers – new video

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Here’s the new video for Towers, my favourite track off last year’s eponymous Bon Iver album: