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Yeti Lane – Analog Wheel – new video

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A little bit Air, a little bit Grandaddy, a little bit Stereolab. Not a bad set of references when all’s said and done – so here’s Parisian psych-poppers, Yeti Lane with Analog Wheel – see what you think:

Yeti Lane‘s second album, The Echo Machine is available to buy here.

New Discovery – Dems

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Here’s a great new tune from London-based trio, DemsInner O:

Recording of Pavement’s second ever live show from August 1990

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Here’s a little treat for all you slacker rock fans out there…

Today, Matador‘s Twitter feed posted a link to a cassette recording of Slacker Shack favourite Pavement‘s second show EVER.

The gig took place at Hoboken in New Jersey on 12th August 1990. Check it out below:

The set includes early classics like Box Elder, Spizzle Trunk and She Believes – and whilst the recording is brain fryingly lo-fi it has a gloriously ramshackled and exciting feel to it.


FIVES with Jeff Salmon

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This coming Wednesday (21st) at 8pm Channel 4‘s excellent and highly entertaining Four Rooms is back on telly for a second series.

The show features members of the public who all believe they have a valuable artefact, and gives them the chance to sell it to four of the country’s leading dealers. The twisty game-show element is that, once they’ve turned down an offer, there’s no going back…

My favourite dealer from the first series was the joyously barmy and eccentric, Jeff Salmon. He’s the kind of peculiar personality that TV-land needs more of – and the good news is he’s agreed to take part in Slacker Shack‘s FIVES feature (which started with last month with a BLKHRTS mini interview). The premise is simple – five quick questions, that all needed five quick answers each. So, let’s get on with it (warning, Jeff may not have taken all the questions seriously):

Describe yourself in 5 words…
Smart. Sophisticated. Street. Sprightly. Salamander.

Name your five favourite Four Rooms items so far…
Pencil bench, Princess Diana Christmas cards, salacious negatives, Banksy wall, sperm bank.

What are the five best things you’ve ever bought?
A crested newt, an 18th century matterdear (what’s a matterdear? Oh, nothing darling), panda, sperm bank, wooden ruler.

Describe your perfect day in five words…
A day free of Lamberty rudeness, day free of Watson Strops, day free of complaints, day free of being told how good looking I am (not really five words, but we’ll let you off, Jeff – Ed)

And finally, Jeff, what five things would you take on a picnic?
Lamberty’s head on plate; Watson’s tantrums en croute, Greedy sellers (potted), lots of love; Lamberty’s eyeballs (skewered).

And on that rather violent and cannibalistic note, Jeff, Slacker Shack would like the thank you for taking part in FIVES – good luck with the show…

To find out more about the ebullient and slightly dark, Jeff, visit his website here – and make sure to watch Four Rooms at 8pm on Channel 4 this Wednesday.