New Chris Rock stand-up tour in 2013?

It’s been 3 or 4 years since Chris Rock last did a stand-up tour and if recent comments are anything to go by he’s itching to get back on stage.

Over in the US, Rock has recently been on the promo trail for his latest film, 2 Days In New York (written, directed and also starring Julie Delphy) and he’s been dropping plenty of hints that 2013 will see him return to stand-up.

He misses cursing for starters, “it would be kind of nice to get up there and curse up a storm” he told CBS This Morning last month, before celebrating the freedom stand -up allows him as a comedian (“If I do it right I feel like I can do pretty much anything”) and calling stand-up “a beautiful art form” and, “the purest art form”.

Plus the usually reliable IMDB hasn’t got lined up for Chris in 2013 – spurious I know but bear with me I just sense it’s all brewing, and if he’s not toured (or at least announced a tour) by this time next year you can troll me silly.

It’s clear Rock knows where his strengths lie. Sure, he’s a good comic actor and films like CB4, Nurse Betty and Death at a Funeral are good chucklesome fun, but his stand-up is a mind-blowing barrage of hilarity from start to finish. He’s like the bastard child of Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks – stand up comedy doesn’t get much better.

Chris Rock! The stand-up world needs you back – sort it – you know it makes sense.

3 Responses to “New Chris Rock stand-up tour in 2013?”

  1. i think that you are right – his filming schedule seems clear for the next year – he is doing a few nights in theatre in LA in feb but that is it. Be great if he does go back on tour. last time he toured was 2008 – that will be a whole 5 yeras ago. 🙂

  2. yeah we were right – he has just posted a video of him on stage along with the video he wrote ‘very soon’ – AHHHH He coming back! 🙂

  3. The man needs to come to NZ (New Zealand) Have watch heaps of his stuff on youtube…..

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