Beck – new album news

Next month Beck releases his much written about Song Reader ‘album’, which features twenty songs as sheet music only.

It’s a nice little idea – but let’s face it, like most Beck fans, we’d all prefer an actual album, with music on and singing and stuff.

It’s been four years since Beck‘s last album (the excellent Modern Guilt), and whilst his production duties on albums for Charlotte Gainsbourg, Thurston Moore and Stephen Malkmus (along with a collaborations with Tobacco and Childish Gambino, song writing duties on the Scott Pilgrim vs the World movie and the odd detour into Playstation game soundtracking) have provided us with some brilliant moments – there’s nothing like a top quality album from the man himself.

So, the good news is that Beck has recently confirmed he’s working on a new album which looks set to see the light of day pretty soon. Recording on the new material dates back a few years, but his hectic schedule has delayed things some what. In a recent interview on Australian radio station Triple J he told listeners, “I started a record, largely recorded in 2008, so I’m trying to carve out some time from all the production work I’m doing to finish those songs before they become records from a lost era. It’s going on a half decade at this point.”

Here’s hoping 2013 is the year they get signed off.

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