Cannibal Ox set to release new album in 2013

Cannibal_OxBack in 2001 Harlem duo, Cannibal Ox (rappers Vast Aire and Vordul Mega) released their sonically sprawling debut LP, The Cold Vein.

Listening to it now the album still has a really futuristic sound and El-P‘s production is sublime. It remains one of the best things Def Jux have released.

Every now and again I wondered what had happened to the duo and why The Cold Vein had never seen a follow up. Vast Aire has gone on to release plenty of albums, but rumours of creative and financial ‘differences’ with El-P and Def Jux as well as Vordul Mega‘s alleged clinical depression have kept any Cannibal Ox follow up delayed.

Till now that is.

Earlier this month, the duo announced a Brooklyn comeback show and now, Billboard reports that they’re working on a new record, set for release next year.

The album will be released via Iron Galaxy Records, and Vast Aire told Billboard, “We just needed the timing to be right. Vordul and I make music all the time… We always wanted to make another full-length, but… we weren’t gonna be peer-pressured into doing it.”

Vast Aire added that the new music will continue, “that raw, gritty, spiritual, intellectual, futuristic New York (sound)… it sounds progressive, but it sounds old at the same time.”

Producers Bill Cosmiq and Melodious Monk are rumoured to be involved, but (unsuprisingly) El-P will no longer be involved.

Here’s hoping it happens.

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