New Steve Mason album due next March


Earlier today ex-Beta Band front-man Steve Mason announced details of his forthcoming album, Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time.

The album will be released by Double Six on Monday 11th March next year and has a heavily politicized bent.

Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time is Mason‘s second album under his real name and the title refers to the Buddhist term for an easily distracted brain. It’s songs are also rumoured to have been shaped by Mason‘s reactions to a number of recent global political crises and injustices.

The album features 20 songs – 9 of which were recorded in London with producer Dan Carey and 11 shorter interludes which were self-produced in Steve‘s Fife studio.

Check out the video for Fight Them Back (the first tune to be released from the forthcoming album) below (described by Double Six as ‘a protest song for a post-London riots era’):

The tracklisting for Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time is as follows:

01 The Old Problem
02 Lie Awake
03 Flyover ’98
04 A Lot Of Love
05 The Last Of Heroes
06 Lonely
07 Safe Population
08 Friends For Ever More
09 Seen It All Before
10 From Hate We Hope
11 Oh My Lord
12 Goodbye Youth
13 Never Be Alone
14 Behind The Curtains
15 More Money, More Fire
16 Fire!
17 Operation Mason
18 Fight Them Back
19 Towers of Power
20 Come To Me

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