The genius of Mati Klarwein

My first introduction to the work of artist Mati Klarwein (who once described himself as “half German and only half Jewish with an Arab soul and a African heart”) was the cover artwork to Osibisa‘s 1972 album Heads. That album cover (see below) and the Peter Blake Sgt Pepper‘s cover, were my two favourites from my Dad’s old vinyl collection.


A few weeks back I opened a Pinterest account and whilst searching for old album art from the 60’s and 70’s I came across more of his work (Klarwein also designed album covers for amongst others, Miles Davis, Santana, Gregg Allman, Buddy Miles andThe Last Poets). Loads of it in fact. So much that I’m now mildly obsessed. His art is stunning, vivid, intricate, surreal, psychedelic and odd – and I’m hooked.

Check out three of my favourites below – if you’re not very familiar with his work I’m sure you’ll be equally stunned:

Soundscape (1982)

Evil (1972)

Jimi Hendrix (1970)

You can check out more of Mati Klarwein‘s work here.

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