New Discovery – The Child of Lov

TheChildOfLovTry as I might I’m struggling to find out who The Child of Lov is (I guess this is the point if his promo photo above is anything to go by). Even a visit to his Facebook page could only summon the following:

“The Child of Lov is one guy. He writes, produces and performs his music using guitars, a cheap pink bass, a keyboard, some self-made instruments, a lot of raw vocal harmonies and a big hip hop heart. He started making music secretly at age 15, and even now in his early twenties, likes to retain some privacy – which is why he’s not releasing much information about himself. The Child of Lov has been living more or less like a recluse for the past few years, spending time in London, Paris and Amsterdam, whilst being more artistically rooted in the southern state of Georgia, USA. This wandering solitary one man music collective is currently working on his first album, to be released by the Domino affiliate Double Six. Those in the know have likened his music to such names as Gnarls Barkley, Jai Paul and Prince.”

One thing’s for certain though – he’s awesome. Not only that, he’s also got some high profile friends too – his forthcoming debut album is set to feature contributions from DOOM, Thundercat and Damon Albarn – to name but three.

The Child of Lov has just offered up his second single, Give Me (digitally anyway – it’ll get an official ‘hardcopy’ release on the 25th February) – and it’s a cracker. It’s like dirty-blues-funk-hop or something…

And for those of you (like me) who missed his first single Heal, back in October last year, here’s the video for that too:

His album is due for release on 6th May (that’s what iTunes reckon anyway). Can’t wait.

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