Download Foilface album ‘Kitchen Sink Mentality’


Back in 2009/2010 Manchester slacker rock collective, Foilface, released two EPs (Jean Claude Naive and EP2). The EPs drew inspiration from a number of wildly different sources (the band themselves name-checked Pavement, Guided By Voices, Yes, Wire, Grandaddy, The Chameleons and the Pixies).

By mid 2010 Foilface started work on putting together their debut album, Kitchen Sink Mentality. Then just as everything seemed ready and in place, they faded off into the distance and left the project hanging in the air.

Two and a half years later, Kitchen Sink Mentality has been resurrected and uploaded onto Bandcamp. And it’s a wild trip that takes in heartbreakingly wonky ballads (Sad House and Broken Steeples), grizzled rockers (Estranged, Gateway Not Found and Truckers), mini-prog adventures (Break In To Break Out, Last Bastions and Leviathan Jones) and indie foot-tappers (Hello Everybody Eyebrows, One of the Sycamores and A Fine Bromance).

It’s available to download for free here – so why not get involved and discover one of Manchester’s unique ‘under the radar’ treats – who knows,  they may become your new favourite band.

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