New Discovery – Jacco Gardner


Jacco Gardner is a 24 year old musical genius from Zwaag in the Netherlands. I know, I know, I’ve used the ‘G’ word. But stick with me. I’ve just listened to his newly released debut album, Cabinet of Curiosities (which came out last week) and it’s blown my mind.

It’s been awhile since I’ve truly felt like I’ve time traveled whilst listening to an album, But Cabinet of Curiosities did just that.

The album’s songs have an air of Syd Barrett playfulness, Lewis Carroll oddity and the psychedelic soundscapes and melodies of artists like The Zombies, The Moody Blues, Kevin Ayers and Love. It’s top quality psychedelic baroque pop.

The album transcends mere retroistic fawning though. If you didn’t know Cabinet of Curiosities had been released this year, you would bet your existence on it having been made sometime between 1967 and ’69. And it’s so perfectly constructed, to accuse it of ‘living in the past’ becomes a some what irrelevant put down.

The brilliance of Garnder doesn’t end with the song writing either – he also single-handedly recorded and engineered Cabinet... (at his Shadow Shoppe Studio), playing each and every instrument himself (drums aside) – including clarinet, bass, guitar, keyboards, violin, harpsichord, mellotron, flute and organ.

So, enough of my bum-kissing – (if you’ve not already heard him) what exactly does Jacco Gardner sound like? Well, here’s a few of the videos he’s been releasing over the past year to give you a taster:

Clear The Air

Where Will You Go

Summer’s Game

All of the above tunes feature of Jacco Gardner‘s Cabinet of Curiosities. You can buy the album here.

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