Lil’ Wayne in hospital after rumoured ‘sizzurp’ seizures


Mixed reports have been circling regarding the health of rapper Lil’ Wayne this week. Entertainment news site, TMZ even went as far as to say he’d slipped into a coma and was being read his last rites.

It looks like TMZ has been getting carried away though, as the hip-hop icon is now ‘stable and slowly improving’ after multiple seizures this week.

Rumours suggest that Wayne was rushed into hospital on two separate occassions after huge amounts of codeine were found in his system – which we’re presuming suggests he’s been downing way too much ‘drank‘ or ‘sizzurp‘ (a drink consisting of codeine and promethazine cough syrup mixed with fizzy pop and jolly ranchers), one of the drugs/drinks of choice amongst many of today’s hip hop stars.

So, here’s what we definitely know:

  • Lil’ Wayne is in Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after at least one seizure
  • The ‘official’ prognosis on his condition is uncertain
  • TMZ has taken down their ‘last rites’ gubbins.

The good news is that earlier this morning Wayne went to Twitter to thank his fans for their messages and to confirm that he’s on the mend:


Get well soon Wayne.

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