Three music myths debunked


1. Roy Orbison was blind…

Because of Roy Orbison‘s huge dark glasses, many people think he was blind. He wasn’t. Legend has it that on a plane journey to a concert in Alabama he lost his regular glasses and was left with just his prescription sunglasses. The dark shades remained his only glasses when he embarked on a European tour a few days later. From that point on the shades became his trademark look.


2. Charles Manson auditioned to be in The Monkees…

This rumour stems from a supposed sighting of Charles Manson at a 1965 Monkees audition by infamous Los Angeles DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. Bingheimer was mistaken though. Manson was in jail at the time, serving a 10 year sentence for cheque forgery – and wasn’t out until six months after the first show hit US TV screens.


3. Mamas and Papas singer Cass Elliot died whilst choking on a ham sandwich…

“Mama” Cass died from a weak heart, which was caused by her excessive weight, crash diets and cocaine use. A half eaten ham sandwich was indeed found in the room where she died, but the coroner’s report contained no evidence of choking and nothing was found in her trachea.

So there you go – share the knowledge and all that…

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