New Discovery – Night Moves

Minneapolis three piece, Night Moves wear their influences well. At times there’s a strong air of Soft Bulletin-era Flaming Lips about them, a splash of Beachwood Sparks, a whiff of Neil Young and Crazy Horse and a more than vague nod in the direction of 1960’s Laurel Canyon rock too. But nothing ever seems overly heavy-handed.

Late last month their debut album, Colored Emotions was released and garnered strong reviews from amongst others, Pitchfork (who praised their “special blend of electrified, tie-dyed country”), Under The Radar (who labelled them, “A little bit country, a little bit spacey; like laser-pistoleros in puffy sleeves and cowboy boots”) and (“a promising debut and one more considered, nuanced, and realized than most bands achieve deep into their tenure”).

Whether they transcend their comparisons is open to debate – but they can certainly write a tune, as the video for Country Queen attests – check it out below:

You can buy Colored Emotions here.

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