Check out the new Twitter #Music app


After a week’s worth of rumours, earlier this afternoon Twitter finally got around to launching their new music app.

Many people, including myself, thought they’d launch it to coincide with last weekend’s Coachella festival – that said, if anything, the timing is even better, as this weekend herald’s the arrival of Coachella part two and another weekend of music. Plus it’s Record Store Day on Saturday. Nice one Twitter!

The app has been launched on the web and on iPhones too, with the promise that an android version will be coming very soon.

The aim of the app (which has come about after Twitter‘s purchase of new music recommendation site We Are Hunted late last week) is to allow users to discover new music based on trends and similar tastes.

The music is hosted on Spotify, Rdio, Soundcloud, iTunes etc and the free app has five tabs – ‘Popular’ (new music trending on Twitter), ‘Emerging’ (hidden talent found in the tweets), ‘Suggested’ (artists you might like), ‘Now Playing’ (tweeted by people you follow) and ‘Me’ (artists you follow).

I guess the next logical progression is artist accounts, label accounts and music promotion packages. That said, Twitter doesn’t seem quite as desperate as other well-known platforms to monetise, monetise, monetise, so who knows?

In the meantime check out the new #Music app here and see what you think (I reckon it’s great!).

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