New Discovery – Morningbell


I’d not heard of Floridian psych-rockers, Morningbell until this evening, but it appears they’ve been around since 2000, and releasing records since 2004.

I’ve clearly been a bit slack, if new tune, Yes Wonderful Things, is anything to go by. It’s got a bit of a Flaming Lips influence here and there and a sweet and swelling sound that makes you dream of summer. You can listen to it and/or download it for free below:

Yes Wonderful Things is taken from Morningbell‘s sixth album, Bôa Noite. The band quote a huge range of very specific influences from, “romantic classical music, African field recordings, Hungarian folk music, the poems of Jorge Luis Borges, “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam,” “Finnegan’s Wake,” “Ulysses,” Chopin’s polonaises, classic hip-hop, Charles Mingus, Paul Simon, Curtis Mayfield, Kurt Vonnegut, and the compositions of Claude Debussy, Frederick Delius, John Cage and Arvo Part.”

They’ve described the album as, “a grand, sweeping, ambitious album with songs that often contain upwards of 150 tracks of instruments.” Epic stuff!

Bôa Noite is released on 21st May.

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