John Malkovich, real world hero


Some famous actors are egotistical fools who’ve forgotten all about the luck and joy that’s landed in their laps. Others are lovely and nice.

Step forward John Malkovich – a man who’s made a career out of playing nutjobs and oddballs. Malkovich is currently being hailed as a hero for stopping to help an Ohio man who had tripped on a curb and cut his neck severely on scaffolding in downtown Toronto

Retired, holidaying couple, Jim and Marilyn Walpole had just finished eating their dinner last Thursday evening, and were heading back to their hotel when the accident happened.

Malkovich, who is currently starring in The Giacomo Variations at the Elgin Theatre in the city, was nearby enjoying a cigarette when he saw Jim Walpole fall and immediately ran over. Eye witnesses said the actor helped apply pressure to the man’s neck to lessen the bleeding, and stayed with Jim until the ambulance arrived.

Jim received 10 stitches to his wound once he reached the hospital and according to reports he now plans on watching all of Malkovich’s movies.

Malkovich was unavailable for comment.

What a lovely chap.

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