Famous ‘Bass Faces’


I’ve just sat through a fascinating US TV performance by Los Angeles’ Haim. The fascination came in the form of the bass player’s almost tourettes-esque facial gurning. Este Haim (see photo above) is living proof that the infamous ‘bass face’ is alive and well in the year 2013.

It made me think of some famous ‘bass faces’ from days of yore:

Black Sabbaths Geezer Butler

Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler


Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters


Sid Vicious

derek smalls

Spinal Tap’s Derek Smalls


Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic


Duran Duran’s John Taylor

And here’s Este Haim again with one of her tremendous bass faces:


4 Responses to “Famous ‘Bass Faces’”

  1. […] that makes you suspicious of some kind of familial telepathy and play with an undimming passion; Este’s notorious “bass face” being worth the entrance money […]

  2. AussieRob Says:

    Este Haim’s “bass face” is a dead copy of Tal Wilkenfeld’s bass face.

  3. […] There are songs that you love and you just can’t seem to figure out what the lyrics are supposed to be; “The Wire” by Haim was just that song this year.  Haim, a sister act from Los Angeles, exploded on the scene with their album Days Are Gone.  I was listening to an interview the other day where the sisters recounted their early days; their parents started a cover band they called Rockinhaim (see what they did there?), and their father started teaching them how to play drums.  This explains the percussive way they use their voices, which is pretty neat-o, but I find myself needing subtitles to figure out what exactly it is they are trying to tell us.  Nonetheless, “The Wire,” Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles all in one song, is great.  Plus, I always have respect for a band with a female bass player, and I can totally get down with her serious “bass face.” […]

  4. Oh man Sid Vicious :((((((

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