New Discovery – Chris Wharton

Regular Slacker Shack visitors will be aware that we’re big fans of film poster art – official, alternative, fan-made – if it looks cool, we approve and we want to tell others about it too.

So, when London based illustrator and designer, Chris Wharton got in touch to share his love of film poster art and point me in the direction of his excellent work it put a smile on my face. Firstly, its nice to see someone being proactive about their work and looking to independent, relatively ‘small-time’ blogs like Slacker Shack to share their work. Secondly, it’s bloody good stuff (check his website out here).

Chris graduated in 2008 from Bath spa with a first class BA in Graphic Communication and describes his work as “bold, bright and joyful” (which pretty much nails it) – here’s a few examples of his alternative film poster art – enjoy:




2 Responses to “New Discovery – Chris Wharton”

  1. Hey! Thanks for posting my work, its nice to be able to share it with some like minded people. Keep up the great blogging!

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