The world’s most expensive comic…


Action Comics No. 1 contains the first appearance of Superman, along with his back story (minus any mention of ‘Krypton‘) and it sold for $2.16 million in November 2011. Rumour has it, the copy sold belonged to actor Nicolas Cage, and it’s holy grail like status amongst comic geeks is simply explained – before Action Comics #1, there was no such thing as a superhero – and it’s influenced everything that’s followed.

It’s been reported that there are around 100 copies of the comic still in existence and as they’re all 75 years old this year, the majority are thought to be in pretty poor condition. One copy was sold for $175,000 just two months ago by a Minnesota resident who found it being used as insulation in a house he’d just bought for a meagre $10,100 – and it would have been worth another $75,000 if the man’s family hadn’t ripped one of the corners during an argument about who owned it!

In 2013, a mint condition copy is valued at around $2.89 million.

So there you go – Action Comics #1 – the world’s most expensive comic book.

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