Squirrels – first trailer

Tired of modern horror films? Scared of cute, tree-dwelling vermin? Then how about this…. a new horror film featuring killer squirrels:

Here’s the official synopsis for ‘Squirrels‘ – “When a young man’s estranged father is killed under suspicious circumstances, he returns home for the first time in years to get to the bottom of the mystery. Hoping to uncover some logical explanation, he instead finds his mom’s sleazy new boyfriend, a natural gas company buying up the town, an angry female sheriff who happens to be his ex-girlfriend, and an army of flesh-eating squirrels hellbent on destroying everything in their path due to an erosion of their food chain as a result of environmental destruction by the gas company.”

Seems strangely relevant when you think of all the fracking news currently knocking about the UK.

Not sure when we can expect to see it, but the lesson is clear – don’t f*ck with nature…

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