Danny Brown – ODB – new video


US hip-hop is having a peculiar year. From Kanye West‘s opinion splitting, but frequently mesmeric Yeezus LP, through to the ongoing rise of Trap, the return of Boom Bap and the hazy purple drank production underpinning tunes by rappers like A$AP Rocky, SpaceGhostPurrp and 2Chainz. It’s all over the place – restless and fidgety.

‘Restless and fidgety’ is a good place to start with Danny Brown‘s latest offering too. ODB is a psychedelic curdle of a tune with Brown rhyming all over it like a wild-eyed and eloquent crackhead. The synths sound like the high pitched soundtrack to a forgotten horror movie and the whole thing makes me think of the Spaceman 3 album title, “Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To”. It’s disorientating but not unpleasant.

It took a few listens to sink into it, but now that I have I’m mildly obsessed with it. See what you think:

Danny Brown‘s latest album, Old, is out on the 30th September.

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