Volcano Choir – The making of new album ‘Repave’

It’s only been out just over a week and I’ve only listened to it 3 or 4 times, but the new Volcano Choir album, Repave, has already become one of my favourite albums of year so far.

Instead of sounding like another Justin Vernon side project LP (like the first Volcano Choir album, Unmap arguably did), Repave seems like a natural progression from the first two Bon Iver albums. It’s expansive and epic but the sound is less overtly experimental than Unmap, and Vernon‘s gorgeous and peerless voice is all over it.

Pitchfork recently labelled Repave an, “extroverted affair” and “a grandiose record with arena-rock ambitions and ostentatious beauty that is mostly inscrutable on a lyrical level”. It certainly contains some odd lyrics here and there (“sexing all your parliaments” and “conserve it with an omelette” anyone?), but the lyrical playfulness just make it all the more interesting and intriguing to me.

Check out a ten minute video short, exploring the making of ‘Repave‘ below (and if you’ve not heard the album yet, get a copy):

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