New Discovery – RADSTEWART


I had the pleasure of discovering a great new band tonight on Bolton FM. I tuned into Shell Zenner‘s show to listen to an interview with The Black Angels (which was great – they’re an eloquent and interesting bunch of chaps). Once the interview was finished I was about to get back to a film I was watching and then I heard that a song by a new band from Cardiff called, RADSTEWART was about to get an airing. I love a daft band name, so I stuck around and listened to one of their tunes, the excellent, Beer Swindlers.

The track took me right back to the mid-90’s when I first discovered slacker rock and fell in love with bands like Pavement, Guided By Voices, Silver Jews and Swearing at Motorists. I loved it. So much so I thought I’d blog about it and share their new three track EP, Whig Crooks and Beer Swindlers with you all here – check it out below:

They’ve even got a vague motto which makes me like them even more, namely – “If you’re listening to this song, you may think the chords are going wrong, but they’re not, we just wrote it like that.”

You can buy, Whig Crooks and Beer Swindlers here (‘name your price’) – and visit them on Facebook here.

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