Big Lebowski cross-stitch

As an ardent fan of the Coen Brothers‘ 1998 film, The Big Lebowski, I enjoy the odd bit of fan art and general creative geekery. It’s usually poster art, dolls, mugs, t-shirts and the like, that end up grabbing my attention (I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the film – check it out here) – so it was a nice distraction to find something rather unique recently in the shape of Jessica Lea from Portland, Oregon, a magnificent cross stitcher, who, “cooks killer eggplant parmesan, kickboxes with UFC hopefuls, and awkwardly dances with her Xbox”.

Check out her marvellous Big Lebowski cross-stitch (from December 2011 – slack of me I know) below and check out her  blog, Weird on the Avenue, here.


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