William Shatner’s prog rock excursion

william shatner

I love some of the tongue-in-cheek spoken-word nonsense William Shatner has released over the years. If his interpretations of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Mr Tambourine Man, Rocket Man and Common People don’t make you smile it’s quite possible you don’t have a pulse. His 2004 collaborative album with Ben Folds, Has Been, contained 10 original songs too – and they frequently hit the mark (especially the highly titillating, I Can’t Get Behind That).

His latest venture, doesn’t seem quite as exciting.

Shatner‘s new album, Ponder the Mystery is a collection of prog rock inspired songs paired with Shatner‘s original spoken word poetry – and there’s no jokes, no wry smiles or chuckle inducing one liners. It’s a prog rock album that comes with a loose concept, Shatner describes as, “…that period of time, an hour before sunset, where a guy is at the beach and in despair about his life… Gradually, with the beauty of the night and his thinking, he regains the joy of his life.” Buzzing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of prog music and the idea of bringing together artists like Rick Wakeman, Vince Gill, Steve Vai, Robby Krieger, Mick Jones and Yes guitarist Billy Sherwood sounds great on paper. If new song, single and album title track, Ponder The Mystery is anything to go by though, it sounds like really bad sixth form hippy poetry over the top of bile inducingly over-produced prog slop. And that’s not a good thing.

Check out the equally terrible video (it’s hilarious in all the wrong ways) below:

Ponder The Mystery is released on 21st October.

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