Future Of The Left – French Lessons

I had another listen to Future Of The Left‘s excellent latest album,’How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident‘ last night. It gets better with every listen and there’s a real diversity at play across it’s 14 tracks, from the chugging and witty stuff we’ve come to expect from them, to a stab at something more gentle (the brilliant ‘French Lessons‘) and a general ‘less is more’ minimalist approach that drills home the unique brilliance of Andy Falkous‘s lyrics.

‘French Lessons’ in particular is buzzing round my head today. I’ve spotted a video to accompany the song on YouTube – I’m pretty sure it’s not official, but it gives you something to stare at whilst you enjoy the song’s charms – check it out below:

All together everyone… “Well I don’t need coy carp swimming round my feet and auburn haired children blocking my path as I run to the disabled bathroom topping off a 12 hour drinking spree”…

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