Has Kanye West released one of the worst videos of 2013?

I’m a fan of Kanye West‘s Yeezus album. It’s got a handful of crap tracks on it but when it’s good it makes you forget how much of a knob Kanye seems to be. If I was going to be crass I’d compare my enjoyment of his best stuff to that of Michael Jackson. Think of all the ridiculous shit you have to forget (child abuse allegations, oxygen tanks, elephant man bones, bubbles, the Peter Pan fixation etc) when you’re listening to Billie Jean, Beat It or Thriller. Kanye has the same problem – he’s blighted by an addiction to talking bollocks and behaving like a tool.

Anyway, love him or hate him (or think he’s a knob but quite like his music) his new video for, Bound 2 (probably my least favourite track on Yeezus) is absolutely terrible – and not ‘so bad it’s good’ terrible either – I mean it’s one of the worst videos I’ve seen for many a moon – check it out below and see what I mean:

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