Sabotage – new trailer


Since finishing his second term as Governor of California in 2011, Arnold Swarzenegger has certainly kept himself fairly busy back in the world of ‘moooovies’.

A couple of weeks ago I had the misfortune to watch, Escape Plan, his recent ‘buddy-jail-break’ action film with Sylvester Stallone. It made some of Arnie‘s early film flops seem mighty in comparison. I found myself laughing at some of it – and there weren’t many punch-lines – just lots of plot holes.

Which means, Expendables 2 aside, he’s still waiting for his first properly successful film post-politics. Step up, Sabotage (Arnie hopes!), a DEA set action thriller “where members of an elite task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house.”

Sabotage has a hope though. It’s written and directed by David Ayer (writer of Training Day, and director of amongst other things, Harsh Times and End of Watch) and has a pretty decent looking support cast too. Check out the trailer below:

We’ll find out next April whether or not it’s a return to form for Arnie

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