The Broken Family Band set to release ‘Best of’ album ‘It’s All Over’ next month


The Broken Family Band, who split back in 2009, are one of my favourite ‘unsung’ bands from the noughties. For those of you unfamiliar with the band’s output, a retrospective ‘best of’ called, ‘It’s All Over‘ is released early next month (just in time for Christmas) and I strongly recommend grabbing a copy.

Back in 2003 the NME described their sound as, “Like Pavement covering Nashville standards, polished off with the caustic wit of Lou Reed and varnished with the spunky smear of Gram Parsons’ love pump”. Which to be fair, as daft as it sounds, isn’t a bad summary.

Here’s a couple of tunes/videos from their heyday:

Poor Little Thing (Live @ Cambridge Folk Festival, 2006)

(I Don’t Have The Time To) Mess Around

The Booze And The Drugs

Remastered and nestling in the back of a beautifully designed hardback book, ‘It’s All Over’ is out on the 9th December – you can pre-order a copy here.

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