Metronomy – Love Letters – new video

Michel Gondry is one of my favourite music video directors of all time. His work for artists like Bjork, Beck, The Rolling Stones, Daft Punk, The Vines, The Chemical Brothers and The White Stripes sizzles and pops with quirky effects, dream-like visions and vivid, day-glo colours. I love his films too (in particular his first two movies, Human Nature and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind).

Anyway, after a three year absence from the world of music videos he’s back with a new one for Devonshire electro types, Metronomy. Whilst it’s not as mind blowing as The Hardest Button To Button (The White Stripes), Let Forever Be (The Chemical Brothers) or Around The World (Daft Punk), Love Letters is packed with classic Gondry signatures, from the beautifully cartoonish, hand-painted sets to the quirky early 60’s costume design and the dreamy feeling washing over it all. Check Love Letters out below:

Metronomy’s new album Love Letters is out on the 10th March.

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