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Gruff Rhys’s ‘American Interior’ out next month

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Gruff Rhys’s latest project, American Interior has seen him creating an album, film, book and app that tells the tale of John Evans, an 18th century farm hand who travelled from Wales to America in search of a tribe of Welsh-speaking native Americans.

The video for the album’s title track is directed by Dylan Goch and is described by Gruff as, “a distillation of what happened when Goch followed me on an investigative concert tour of the USA in 2012 in search of the remains of explorer John Evans (1770-1799)” – check it out below:

And here’s the trailer for the film:

Gruff Rhys’s American Interior is out on the 5th May.

Girl Talk & Freeway – Tolerated (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) – new video

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Pittsburgh producer Girl Talk has teamed up with Philly rapper Freeway on a forthcoming mixtape called Broken Ankles – it’s out on the 8th April and today they uploaded a new video for lead mixtape track, Tolerated – check it out below:

Sisyphus – Booty Call – new video

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Sufjan Stevens goes hip-hip… yeah, that’s right. It sounds like a joke, and in a ‘tongue in cheek, arch eyebrowed’ way it (kind of) is.

Sisyphus is a collaboration between orchestral-indie-folk-auteur, Stevens, post-rock-alt-hip-hop-experimenter, Son Lux and Chicago rapper, Serengeti, and their debut eponymous album is as enjoyable as it is vaguely ridiculous.

Booty Call is the first tune off the album to get a video and if you find the idea of watching Sufjan Stevens dancing around in hip-hop garb as a bunch of hot chicks canoodle with each other odd, then you’ll be pleased to find out that it is. There’s also a vague air of Flight Of The Conchords to proceedings (and a faint whiff of cLOUDDEAD too). Check out the video below:

Sisyphus‘s debut album is out now on Asthmatic Kitty.

The Hold Steady – Spinners – new video

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I really like this video for the new tune by The Hold Steady, ‘Spinners’ – check it out below:

The art of Dave MacDowell

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Earlier this evening Virginian artist, David MacDowell got in touch to reveal that he’s behind, Bad Mutha Wizard the Pulp Fiction meets Wizard of Oz print that Slacker Shack blogged about a while ago. He’s also the man behind the Jaws meets Big Lebowski print ‘Abide’ and The Big Lebowski meets Peanuts print ‘Charlie Lebowski’ (but to be fair, we knew that already).

I was chuffed Dave stopped by to say hello and he also provided a link to a site selling some of his prints – Dirty Pilot.

Over on his website Dave (rather delightfully) notes that his work has been described as, “a virtual Disneyland on acid” in some quarters. Check out some examples of his brilliant and eye-popping work below:

Rocky Dennis and Bullwinkle
Rocky Dennis and Bullwinkle

Fixing A Hole
Fixing A Hole

The Big Bukowski
The Big Bukowski

The Little Prince
The Little Prince

You can check out more of Dave MacDowell‘s work over at his website here.

Pixies – Snakes – new video

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Snakes is taken from the Pixies recent EP2, and now rumour has it that a third (surprise) EP, EP3, is now available too.

EP1, EP2, and EP3 will be collected as a new album called Indie Cindy, which is released on the 28th April.

Microsoft’s floppy (disc) seduction

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Bill Gates