Late 80’s tv show ‘The Equalizer’ gets a movie remake

the equalizer

In my early teens I used to love watching Edward Woodward in The Equalizer. The show ran for four seasons (and 88 episodes) from 1985 to 1989, and amongst other things had one of my favourite ever TV soundtracks (courtesy of Stewart Copeland). I bloody loved it and Woodward was a revelation as the ice cool, retired intelligence officer, Robert McCall, a man with a mysterious past who helps people in trouble.

The show also featured a huge array of stars and gave early showcases to Kevin Spacey, Christian Slater, John Goodman, Laurence Fishburn, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Amanda Plummer and Stanley Tucci, amongst others. After Woodward suffered a heart attack in 1987 the show’s producers also brought in Robert Mitchum for a number of episodes. It was a great show and one that’s remained remarkably absent from the land of TV repeats, which is a shame.

Anyway, until tonight I was aware that the show has been turned into a forthcoming Hollywood movie. This time around, Denzil Washington is due to play McCall, with Training Day director, Antoine Fuqua overseeing things. The premise remains the same but the result is a darker and slicker proposition. Whether that proves to be a good thing is another matter.

Check out the trailer below:

The Equalizer is out in UK and US cinemas on the 26th September.

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