Watch Budweiser’s weird World Cup advert

So it turns out that Budweiser marketing execs think a great way to sell beer during the World Cup is to hire Brazilian striker, Hulk, England and Chelsea’s constantly bored looking, Gary Cahill and wannabe pimp turned footballer, Samuel Eto’o. But they don’t have them drinking beer (no, that’s boring and probably, vaguely illegal) or even playing football in their new advert. No, instead they decided to film them performing a re-worked version of Guns N’ Roses, Paradise City with Hulk on lead guitar, Cahill on bass and Eto’o on below par Jay-Z-esque rapping duties. Throw in random cameos by MMA fighter Anderson Silva and Axl Rose (who approvingly raising a beer to the ‘band’ as they ‘play’) and there you have it, beer sold:

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