New Discovery – Ultimate Painting

I really like Bella Union‘s Veronica Falls and I really, really like Manchester’s very own Mazes – so the idea of a member of each group getting together to create another new offering is a treat.

Ultimate Painting take inspiration from the Drop City American artist community that formed in southern Colorado in 1965. The duo comprises of James Hoare from Mazes and Jack Cooper from Veronica Falls and their eponymous first offering is described by the pair as, “a vague theme song for the band”.

The song has a gently psychedelic and hypnotic quality that reminds me of bands from the Elephant 6 collective like, Olivia Tremor Control, Beulah and Of Montreal – but with a little less pomp and a little more room to breathe and sigh.

It’s a lovely, summery slice of modern psych-pop – check it out below:

Ultimate Painting‘s debut album is out this autumn and they’re playing the ‘intimate’ Castle Hotel in Manchester on the 14th August (get tickets here).

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