Whyte Horses – The Snowfalls – new video

I love a bit of summery 60’s psychedelia and the new single from Mancunian duo, Whyte Horses, fits the bill in spades.

The duo, Dom Thomas and close friend, Julie Margat, inspired by the nomadic travels of cult folk artist, Mark Fry and outsider Krautrock groups like Faust and Tangerine Dream, rented a dilapidated cottage, tucked away in the mountains near Frosinone in Italy to record their new offering. The location inspired them to bring to life a fantasy band that channeled feelings of lost innocence and the optimism of childhood – and Whyte Horses was born.

Influenced by genre defying composer/producer, Arthur Russell, Whyte Horses main man, DJ, producer and remixer, Thomas adds his latest project to a career that includes a spell as a record label founder with Finders Keepers records in 2005, unearthing forgotten music gems like Serge Gainsbourg‘s lost masterpiece ‘L’Enfants Assassin Des Mouches‘, the classic Turkish protest record ‘Selda‘ and a French / Japanese educational album by Daft Punk’s dad, called ‘Yamasuki‘.

Triumphant and tender, the Whyte Horses sound fits Thomas’ style hopping ethos perfectly, bringing with it a hazy maelstrom of psychedelic dream pop topped off with Julie Margat’s beautifully beguiling vocals. Check out debut track, The Snowfalls and it’s accompanying video below:

The Snowfalls is released on October 20th on CRC Recordings.

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