The brilliance of Thomas Ott

I only discovered the art of Thomas Ott last year after scrolling through Pinterest late one night. My ‘Comic Book Art’ folder was looking a bit malnourished, so I went looking for new graphic novels I could get excited about and I stumbled across Ott.

For those who haven’t heard of him before he’s a scratchboard artist from Switzerland who tells dark tales of horror and oddness. Even more impressively they’re all wordless – so no need for awkward, clunky translations.

Titles of his books include, like ‘Tales of Error’, ‘Hellville, Tales from the Edge‘ and (one of the books I got this Christmas) ‘Cinema Panopticum‘. Check out some of his work below and if you like what you see buy a book – I have two collections now and they’re lovely things:

thomas ott

thomas ott

thomas ott

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