Top Ten new ‘Slacker Rock’ acts

Back in 2011 in a moment of 90’s nostalgia I compiled a list of the Top Ten Slacker Rock acts of all time. I’m a massive fan of Pavement, Modest Mouse, Beck, Guided By Voices and Grandaddy, so the list pretty much wrote itself. A handful of comments and a flurry of recent hits later I’ve decided to put together a loose Top Ten of current acts I’m labeling ‘New Slacker Rock‘.

Some of them ape the bands I love (and frequently get away with it), others take that loose, charismatic and abstracted excellence and take it somewhere new.

Four years ago I described Slacker Rock as, “all about a looseness and a slack-eyed way of looking at things“. I reckon the acts below fall firmly under that definition in one way or another…

01. Mac DeMarco

02. Parquet Courts / Parkay Quarts

03. Speedy Ortiz

04. Dignan Porch

05. Courtney Barnett

06. Real Estate

07. Happyness

08. Radstewart

09. Dead Gaze

10. Wavves

So, that’s my Top Ten – who do you reckon I’ve missed out?

2017 update – here’s a new Slacker Rock playlist I’ve compiled on Spotify:

6 Responses to “Top Ten new ‘Slacker Rock’ acts”

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  2. Love it!! Currently going through your original list. Catching up on some groups I’ve never heard. Thanks man.

    Cheers from Seattle.

  3. Slacker rock is the perfect style for a laid back guy like me. Thanks for this list and your original one. Really enjoying this music.

  4. Check out new Aussie band Wharves.

  5. […] for a reason!) I followed that particular blog up with another detailing my choices for a Top Ten new ‘Slacker Rock’ acts. 2015 heralded a definite rise in bands and acts who cherished classic slacker rock albums like […]

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