Unearthed – Los Albas cover Love’s ‘Alone Again Or’ in 1975

Sometimes you discover things on the internet that are both horrible and wonderful at the same time. Get your minds out the gutter and try to recall some of the delightfully odd musical things you’ve stumbled across over the years. For instance, I’ll never forget the first time I watched some Mongolian throat singing.

Los Albas

Anyway, tonight whilst having a listen to some psychedelic stuff on Youtube and finding myself revisiting lots of brilliant tunes by Arthur Lee and Love, I came across a Spanish cover of Alone Again Or from Forever Changes. The cover is by Los Albas, a group formed in Barcelona by Grenadian migrants in the late 60’s and it’s from their 1975 album, No Te Bañes En El Río (which roughly translates as ‘Do Not Bathe In The River‘). It’s sort of 30% loungecore, 20% Quentin Tarantino mixtape discovery, 35% Euro cheese and 15% hippy. It’s horrible and wonderful in equal measure, although I do warn you it may give you a hankering for tapas and send you insane if you listen to it more than three times in a row. My favourite bit is the synth solo around the 1.50 mark…

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