Random music factoids

Something in my brain absolutely loves random facts. The more daft, obscure or seemingly unbelievable the better. Of course some random facts aren’t even facts – for instance, a duck’s quack can echo, your fingernails and hair don’t keep growing after you die, lightening can strike the same place twice and Mamma Cass didn’t die whilst choking on a ham sandwich.

These peculiar music-based random facts are definitely at least 99% true though:

R&B singer Akon‘s birth name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Bongo Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam.

Stephen Stills and Harry Nilsson both auditioned to be in The MonkeesCharles Manson did not.

David Gilmour - Astoria

The final two Pink Floyd albums were recorded on David Gilmour‘s Surrey houseboat studio, the Astoria. The boat was built by Fred Karno, manager of Charlie Chaplin and inventor of the custard-pie-in-the-face gag. The houseboat can accommodate a 90-piece orchestra on the top deck.

Keith Richards‘ favourite tipple is 2 measures of vodka with one measure of Sunkist orange soda, plus ice. He calls it ‘Nuclear Waste’.


In 1996, Ringo Starr appeared in a Japanese advertisement for apple sauce. Uncoincidentally ‘Ringo’ means apple in Japanese.

Public Image Limited bassist Jah Wobble briefly worked on the London Underground after the band split. Rumour has it he once made the following announcement over the PA system at London’s Tower Hill underground station – “I used to be somebody. I repeat, I used to be somebody.”

Prog rockers Emerson Lake And Palmer were masters of the on tour entourage. In 1977, they had 63 roadies, a karate instructor for drummer Carl Palmer, a personal doctor, and rumour has it, a ‘carpet roadie’, whose job was to transport and sweep the Persian rug Greg Lake liked to stand on during shows.

Leo Fender, inventor of the Stratocaster and Telecaster, couldn’t play the guitar.

Enjoy those facts? Check out Three music myths debunked.

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