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Dead Captain release new images to promote forthcoming EP

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On the 17th June, Tameside duo, Dead Captain release their debut EP via Stereokill Recordings. The EP is already garnering some great reviews over on the Call That Music and Canned Static blogs, and the duo have released some new promo art in anticipation of it’s release.

Dead Captain art 6 lower resDead Captain art 7 lower resDead Captain - art 1Dead Captain - art 4 - lower resDead Captain - art 5

The art comes courtesy of Dunstan Doodles and you can follow more of his work here and the band themselves here too.

ShitKid – Sugar Town – new video

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Oh yes. Like The Runaways meets The White Strips via Sweden…

Vic Reeves’ Simon Cowell portrait

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Love this…

Simon-Cowell by Vic Reeves

Beach Fossils – Sugar – new video

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From their new album, Somersault

Washed Out – Get Lost – new video

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Awesome animated collage video…

Strand Of Oaks – Everything – new video

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Nice bit of stoner rock with a delightfully trippy video that reminded me a bit of Charles Burns‘ illustrations:

New duo, Dead Captain set to release debut EP in July

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Tameside duo, Dead Captain release their debut EP on 17 July 2017 via Stereokill Records.

Dead Captain cover updated 2

Dead Captain has been shaken to life by multi-instrumentalist and founding member of, The Cornelius Crane, Dan Adams. Ably assisted by writer and illustrator, Dunstan Carter.

The EPs four tracks, ‘This Old Village’, ‘Looming Moon’, ‘Who Knows’ and ‘Toddler Democracy’, give nods to 70’s Americana, late 80’s British indie music and 90’s college rock, and take a look at the division and confusion gripping Post-Brexit Britain and Trump’s America.

The Dead Captain project was born an hour after the duo found a brightly coloured shoe box outside a pub in Ashton-Under-Lyne in late 2016. Over a few beers they went through the box and found scribbled notes, old photos, drawings and grainy music recordings on old VHS tapes.

They still don’t know the exact origins of the box. At first they just thought it was the work of a weird recluse who wanted to remain unknown but leave some kind of odd little legacy. But after asking around, a couple of their friends reckon it might be the work of a man known locally as Old Scotty. A lonely old drunk who hangs around in some of the pubs in town and tells outlandish tales of a youth spent fighting in some of the world’s most notorious war zones. If it is him, the chances of getting anything out of him are supposedly nigh on impossible as half of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is indecipherable these days, and the rest is just rambling monologues about the death of the North.

One thing they found taped to the box that struck an immediate chord with duo was a blue post-it note that simply read, “do something with this”. So that’s what Dead Captain are doing – they’re inviting inquisitive people to have a rummage inside the head of a poetic Northern drunk and see what unfolds.