Beck’s ten best ‘high tempo’ songs


Here’s the first list in Slacker Shack‘s new Niche Lists series. Things will inevitably get more niche and obscure but I wanted to start with my top ten favourite ‘high tempoBeck songs. He’s one of my favourite artists and I’m thinking of the kind of tunes you want on your music device as you’re walking about on a summers day, smirking at the niceties of life as they roll by, a skip in your skip and a twinkle in your eye. No ballads or introspective strummers here, just a top ten ‘in your face’ Beck tunes, as chosen by me:

Loser (from Mellow Gold)
Soul Suckin’ Jerk (from Mellow Gold)
Beercan (from Mellow Gold)
Devil’s Haircut (from Odelay)
Sexx Laws (from Midnite Vultures)
Milk & Honey (from Midnite Vultures)
Black Tambourine (from Guero)
Cellphone’s Dead (from The Information)
Youthless (from Modern Guilt)
Colors (from Colors)

I’ve obviously had to cut some favourites from the list like Where It’s At, The New Pollution, Girl, Timebomb and Dreams, but that’s the nature of the beast. Are there any apart from that? Does my list make you a little bit angry? Are there omissions you just can’t cope with? Tell all…

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