The 10 best rock tunes featuring the saxophone

Mention rock music and saxophones in the same sentence and some music fans will snort, roll their eyes and quite possibly flounce away from the conversation dramatically, never to return. These folk are probably still haunted by the revelation that that Blockbusters‘, Bob Holness didn’t play the sax solo on Gerry Rafferty‘s ‘Baker Street’. Or maybe they get flashbacks of Tim Capello‘s ludicrously oiled and muscley torso belting out sax bursts near the start of Joel Schumacher‘s Lost Boys – or Kenny G‘s permed mullet bobbing up and down on Top Of The Pops in the late 80’s.


Whatever the reason, the saxophone maybe much maligned in rock music, but I bloody love it. There’s something about that wild, raspy, sexy sound that tickles the funk in me. Not in a cheesy, run me a bath and get out the scented candles type of way, it’s more earthy and guttural than a thousand slow jam solos would con you into thinking.

Anyway, as part of Slacker Shack‘s ‘Niche Best Of… Lists‘ series, I’ve put together my ten favourite ‘SAXy Time’ rock tunes list – and I’ve even gone and Spotify-ed it too. Check out my choices below and argue with me in the comments:

Pink FloydMoney
Lou Reed Walk On The Wild Side
Brian ProtheroePinball
David BowieYoung Americans
The Doors Touch Me
The Rolling Stones Brown Sugar
Roxy Music Do The Strand
Electric SixDanger! High Voltage
BeckThe New Pollution
Radiohead The National Anthem 

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